Need & Advantages of Yoga and Ayurveda for better Health

This article has been taken from main series- Science of Human Wellness, The Complete Health Series, which is a step by step illustration on Health, Yoga and Ayurveda. Since the time from Zygote formation and before we evolve to an adult, we go on aggregating atoms-oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and many molecules like water, protein, connective tissue, fats (or lipids) Hydroxyapatite, carbohydrates and their conglomeration and complex inter-linkage in accordance with our genetic code lead the formation of our physical body, whose even one single cell is thousand times more complex than finest scientific machine ever made so far. Yoga and Ayurveda is all about this super machine called human, which has been made, nurtured and refined by mother nature. Further Yoga and Ayurveda connect us with mother nature and gives deep insight to solve medical mysteries and have many advantages over contemporary medical practices.

Can Science solve all mysteries related to human existence or we need deeper insight from Yoga and Ayurveda:

Are we just the bags of chemicals mingled with 60% water? Are our thoughts and emotions only electrical charges and chemical reactions in the brain? This may be a matter of debate as life is very perplexing phenomenon to describe and it is not that easy to reach out on such conclusions, however, one thing is logically convincing that human body has been borrowed from planet earth, it has been gradually accumulated and in a way it is just extended piece of soil, which one day or other has to be returned to earth and which will dissolve into fundamental particles on planet’s surface and become soil again.

Yoga and Ayurveda, a hope for unresolved Medical Mysteries:

If you think that Science and Technology will resolve all the mysteries and there are no deep astral or causal aspects associated to our existence, then you need to reevaluate and need to glance at below mentioned few unresolved medical mysteries related to human body:

      1. Why just one hand (most people are right handed) with top-notch motor skills, instead of a double dose & double  eyes of dexterity, despite there seems to be no genetic design behind this.
      2. Unlike other mammals human female has permanently enlarged breasts, there are many theories to explain reason but still we don’t have universal acceptance of any.
      3. There are average 37.2 Trillion cells in human body and there are 10 Microbes for each single cell which live inside you and some of those are beneficial however other are harmful. Scientists have failed to determine as why some people don’t catch disease despite they have pathogens inside them, however others do.
      4. How do the 100 trillion Neural connections in our brains work together and maintain a particular stream of electricity to create the feeling of being alive and how the brain regulate vital organs, nervous and endocrine systems in such a way that we survive spontaneously and life throbs in us without a gap of even one second for 80 -100 years.
      5. Doctors have no clue as why we spend 25% of time every night’s sleep in dreaming.
      6. Science can’t answer why 70% of people experience sudden twitched/jerk before sleep.
      7. Wrinkles on the human body are created by bending and stretching of skin repeatedly over time, but why do we have fingerprints which are our unique markers is an unresolved mystery. Some psychologists have even claimed the connection of palm lines with human psychology.
      8. There are many medical mysteries like Severity of H1N1 Flu is experienced differently in different parts of world, Medical doctors are perplexed by unusual symptoms of Disembarkment Syndrome.
      9. Conjoined twins go through unusual experiences which have no scientific explanation.
      10. On the outset of 20th Century Scientists were quite confident that in next fifty years humans will discover and develop some way of become immortal and will stop the process of ageing, but we are not even closer to this so far.
      11. Instinctive reflex actions by a newborn baby like feeding & inhaling.

Yoga and Ayurveda sees above mysteries in different perspective by looking at mother nature and adding inward driven processes which are rare and so sacred. It has gone in deep technical points like Tridosha, Sapta-Dhatu, Chatush- Agni and Vayu and Panch-Tattwa etc.

Human body and Mother Nature in Ayurveda:

Our present body form is the outgrowth of evolution of millions and billions of years, but it does not mean that there are no subtle aspects connected to this, there must be. It is beyond any doubt that Science and Technology has revolutionized each and everything around us but to understand life in greater depth we must fathom in to Yoga & Ayurveda, a wellness science which has been developed by ancient scientists and have been refined over millenniums for human beings with excellent health and this has been proven effective on medical grounds. Ayurveda gives us hope through its holistic approach by not merely concentrating on individual human being as separate entity or single medical specimen but just the extension of mother nature and it proclaims about one energy manifesting itself in various forms. Correlation of mother nature with physical body is greatly expounded in many Yogic & Ayurvedic scriptures. With yogic sciences one can reach mental equilibrium and with Ayurveda a healthy body.

Advantages of Yoga & Ayurveda in our life:

  1. Yoga Increases immunity, Lowers Blood Pressure, help in Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Improves physical strength, Detoxifies body and increases awareness, Increases Memory, results in Lesser back pain and increases confidence and improve overall health.
  2. Allopathic Medicines give short term relief and works great during emergency but have also known to cause some harmful side effects like stomach irritation, addiction. Some antibiotics may not work for you because targeted pathogens have become resistant to it, allopathic treatment is symptomatic and does not guarantee full cure etc. Ayurveda consider every disease as a nature’s clean up process and believe that every disease can be cured if you follow the process in entirety.
  3. Today Hospitals are ridiculously expensive like hotels and medicines are so costly despite of their low priced salt composition and in case you don’t have any insurance agent to negotiate for you then you are in real turmoil, this scenario may be even more painful for poor and unprivileged society. You can reduce the cost of medicines by avoiding disease by following the path of yoga and practicing basic points described in this series.
  4. Ayurveda gives Prakriti & Dosha Based (personalized and holistic) treatment therefore chances of recurrence of disease are almost negligible.
  5. In Ayurveda concept of balanced and appropriate diet which suits you is far more developed than Allopathy.
  6. Ayurveda is a lifestyle and not merely a medical treatment, while undertaking any treatment you will understand preferences of Ayurveda over Allopathy. It encourages home remedies - since you can easily treat 50% of small diseases without any medicine, therefore people find it easier to make part of their daily life.
  7.  Ayurvedic treatment has excellent result in diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other such orthopedic diseases where allopathic doctors have no other option than surgery (like knee replacement etc.) which could be easily prevented with Ayurvedic Medicines.
  8. Ayurveda has no side effects. It may take time but it is a holistic treatment that cures the problem from the root itself. It is very effective in Diabetic and Skin Diseases and helps in maintaining good health.

This article has been taken from main series- Science of Human Wellness, The Complete Health Series.

|Published on February 6, 2017